Cheers to another year of...

  • Making memories
  • Forming friendships
  • Being Independent
  • Self growth
  • Being wiser, kinder and more soft spoken
  • Sharing wisdom
  • Slaying lives (#AlwaysOnFleek)
  • Laughter
  • Cultivating love and positivity
  • Making my dreams into a reality

New York Mens Fashion Week

This was my first year attending New York Mens Fashion Week. Having been to a few fashion weeks prior to this one, I thought I knew what to expect. I stepped out onto the streets of New York in head to toe red, heels, glitz, and a whole lot of glamour. However, NYMFW is the total opposite from women's fashion week. The thing is… this is Mens Fashion week. The looks were modern, casual, and left me feeling a bit overdressed at times. I had the honor of attending four phenomenal presentations, including: Brett Johnson, Zachary Prell, Gypsy Sport, and Suit Supply. I spotted the newest trends on the runway and in the streets. I couldn't believe all the feminine details that walked the runway. It seems as though the men are coming for our crowns. All in all, Mens Fashion week was an opportunity to meet fashion influencers in a more relaxed, genuine, and slower-paced environment. 

6 Ways to remain positive

1.    Surround yourself with a good atmosphere

The people you keep around strongly affect your attitude and your actions. If you are constantly around negative and non-driven people, then they are most likely to put you in a bad mood or even lead you into the wrong direction. If your circle is filled with ambitious people then they are most likely the ones who will motivate you, push you, and support you in all your endeavors.

2.    Read books that motivate/inspire you

Reading is very beneficial. Not only does it give you knowledge but it also cultivates your thoughts.

 3.    Speak positive affirmations

We unconsciously speak negativity without knowing it. For example, “I could never buy that car, it’s too expensive”. Without knowing it, we just claimed that we would never be able to afford the car in which we hope for. Throughout your day, turn “won't” into “will”, and remove “can't” from your vocabulary. Wake up and speak positivity into your life. Wake up and claim that your day will go great!

4.    Practice patience

Someone else’s success is not yours. You have to remember that your time will come. Like the saying goes “Good things come to those who wait”. Be patient with yourself, towards others, and everything else in life that comes your way.

5.    Celebrate Yourself

Celebrating life and all accomplishments is a good way to remind you to keep on working hard, and every hard work comes with a good reward at the end.  Don’t discredit yourself; try to treat yourself once in a while. Life is to short not too.

6.    Pick and choose the things you get mad over

Do not give anyone the power to change your mood or atmosphere, so really think and decide if it is worth changing the tone of your attitude.

Camping out for SNL and Free tickets

I camped out for tickets to the SNL show not knowing what I would be getting myself into. First, I didn’t know that camping out for tickets entailed actually sleeping outside overnight. I also didn’t know that the tickets were “will call” tickets meaning you aren’t guaranteed admission. Of course I would be the one to not ask any questions and agree to such wild things.

I was not mentally, emotionally, or physically prepared for my abrupt overnight stay, outside of NBC studios. It was almost 50 degrees that night and it was terribly cold. My friends and I had a small blanket that barely covered our toes. I wanted to give up approximately three times (10pm, 12:30am, and lastly at 4:30am). But I had come too far to leave 3 hours before the doors opened. Sleeping outside on the floor is not an easy thing to do—you have to prepare your body for the whole process.

I sat on the floor thinking to myself, “is this what people actually do? When I’m in the car at 3am, this is really what I see outside of my window”. It was insanity. For the first time in my life, I had the chance to live a night experiencing what a homeless person goes through. Sleeping on the ground is so uncomfortable and I cannot even begin to understand what people without shelter do in the winter. I turned to my friend and told her that I would love to see someone like Kim Kardashian sleep outside for the night, just to understand the feeling of how it feels to be homeless. That would be interesting! After camping out for 11 hours, I went back home and slept the through the day until it was time to go to SNL (I got the tickets!).

Here is the crazy part about my whole SNL ticket experience—my friend and I were taking selfies in the studio and a random guy that worked for NBC came up to us asking if we wanted real tickets! We were in shock and yelled “Heck Yeah!” But then again, I thought... if we knew we would have seen this guy, there was no way that we would have slept outside! Lol!

To end this story. I will never in my life camp out for any type of ticket. It is just not worth the mental stress or time. At the end of the day, you do not get to meet or speak to the actual actors or guest host, so it SUCKS!

What Does it mean to me to be black?

           Martin Luther King Jr. led a march on August 27th, 1963 so that colored students such as I can sit in the same classroom as white students. He led a march so I could go to a predominantly white university. He led a march so that I can obtain the same level of education such as whites. He led a march so that I can receive the same amount of respect as whites.

           I am not afraid of my ethnicity; I am not intimidated of being the only Nigerian-American student in my classroom. I am proud of who I am and the color of my skin. Race was invented in the twenty-fifth century by the whites in order to divide themselves from the rest of us. Labels only distort our vision from reality and put barriers between our societies. Black is just a color, just a label that we are all taught and expected to accept. But what I have learned throughout my life is that I am not just a label. I am not equivalent to the sticker everyone peels off of an apple before taking the first bite.

           I have a darker skin tone, my lips are considered big to some,  but the color of my skin does not define who I am. Being black in today’s society is more acknowledged than it was back in the twenty-fifth centuries. We now live in a generation where black lives are now considered, nappy hair is considered beautiful, and many crave black attributes.

           Our society is continuously changing. Black women project and embrace their beauty upon various social media platforms. Defining hash tags such as #IsYourMelaninOnFleek, #BlackGirlMagic, and  #BlackIsBeautiful, are trending and influencing more and more black and colored women every day. Instead of being ashamed of our lips, hair or skin tone, we are recognizing the beauty we were all born with. We are now embracing our black beauty. Being black to me is being powerful and worthy. I look at my complexion and magnify the beauty of my melanin, and have finally come to the realization that I AM WORTHY. I AM BEAUTIFUL. I AM BLACK.

A new chapter

Life has been a journey for me. I graduated high school, finished my program at ABC 2News, and became a freshman at Pace University in downtown Manhattan. For some time, I have been trying to discover who I truly am and my unique purpose. I am still in the process of growing and evolving, but I thought it would be a great idea for my audience to watch me express my uniqueness and transition into the ambitious woman I hope to one day become.

A name describes you, and I believe that my name was chosen for me before the world even existed. A name sets you apart from everyone else and my name embodies my individuality and culture. After graduating high school, I decided to embrace my ethnicity and go by my full name (Isiuwa), because it is my identity and my liberation. I am in a new chapter of my life, so reconstructing my website was a very big deal for me. Here you will get the chance to view the interviews I conduct, my daily thoughts, and the food I eat around the city.

 Thank you for being patient and supportive.

 Welcome to my new website!