Isiuwa Igodan is a Multimedia Journalist with a degree in Communications and a minor in Journalism. She is a visual storyteller and content creator, who has a keen eye for creating artistic visuals and passionate feature stories based on the life and/or careers of the interesting individuals she meets. Isiuwa believes that everyone has a story, herself included, and strives to share unique, inspiring and motivating stories to her audience. Isiuwa has a strong love for journalism and continues to build her portfolio by creating content and providing media coverage for events. She hopes to one day take her love for journalism and turn it into a travel storytelling series.

In addition to being a storyteller, Isiuwa is also a philanthropist. Part of her story is that she became an unaccompanied minor while in high school and as a young undergraduate student, she created The Fluharty Book Scholarship. The Fluharty Book Scholarship was developed to help high school seniors, who have shown excellence in academic studies, fund their first year of college. Aside from journalism, Isiuwa continuously nurtures her secret hobby of building and designing websites. When she isn’t conducting interviews or creating content, Isiuwa can be found on YouTube, sharing her lifestyle in New York City.

Welcome to www.Isiuwa.com! Here, you will get the chance to follow her journey as a Multimedia Journalist.


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