HAGTAP, The Future of Entertainment

Meeting Jerry was like a scene from a movie. We met in the middle of The Oculus here in New York City. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the very middle of the Oculus. The first thing that came to my mind when Jerry told me where we were meeting was, “who meets in the middle of a building?". I found it very strange, yet fascinating. I walked to the middle of the Oculus giggling and gazing around to find him. There he was standing right in the center, hair swooshed to the side, wearing a black blazer with a crimson flower broche on his left lapel - very reminiscent of the 1940s gentleman. We strolled to Brookfield Place and sat for lunch at my old job, PJ Clarkes, where we sat outside accompanied with the view of Jersey City and the Statue of Liberty keeping us company. Jerry is kind, he has a great sense of humor and a personality that keeps you alert–but in a good way. We talked about his ventures in tech, the key to social media, and my personal favorite, Steve Jobs.

Read below for the full interview with the CEO of Hagtap – a nightlife app.


What is Hagtap? 

Hagtap is a mobile app that connects venues with customers searching for events and specials in a desired location. It’s a marketing tool for venues and a full-service digital agency specializing in marketing services for restaurants, bars, clubs, and lounges. It is the future of entertainment. Think of Yelp but for strictly entertainment, including both day and nightlife, special events and providing accurate up-to-date information.

What is the difference between Hagtap and other competitors? Why should people care?

I don’t think there are other competitors in my lane except for Google. I believe Google is at a disadvantage because everything lives on their search engine. Therefore, the information is not aggregated on one site or easily accessible. Hagtap has taken everything you would find from doing a Google search and placed it on one awesome platform.

How has being a business/family man changed the trajectory of your life? 

I have always been a dreamer and an entrepreneur at heart. My mantra is if you are going to do something you have to do it and do it 100%. I have had to roll dice for most of my life as an entrepreneur, and it has its ups and downs. As a family man I have to make more calculated risks, pause, and be more rational. My wife helps bring me down to reality, and she taught me to plan and have patience. I don’t believe I would be who I am if I did not have both business and my family. The support of family is the foundation of my business.

What do you think your legacy will be? 

I can only hope that all my actions are not counted against me, and the purity of my heart and willingness to grow and give back is acknowledged. For my son Mason, I look to leave a foundation and the knowledge to be better than I am. I hope to make an impact on that inner city kid who hopes to make it in life and stands alone against the masses.


Isiuwa Igodan