Camping out for SNL and free tickets

I camped out for tickets to the SNL show not knowing what I would be getting myself into. First, I didn’t know that camping out for tickets entailed actually sleeping outside overnight. I also didn’t know that the tickets were “will call” tickets meaning you aren’t guaranteed admission. Of course I would be the one to not ask any questions and agree to such wild things.

I was not mentally, emotionally, or physically prepared for my abrupt overnight stay, outside of NBC studios. It was almost 50 degrees that night and it was terribly cold. My friends and I had a small blanket that barely covered our toes. I wanted to give up approximately three times (10pm, 12:30am, and lastly at 4:30am). But I had come too far to leave 3 hours before the doors opened. Sleeping outside on the floor is not an easy thing to do—you have to prepare your body for the whole process.

I sat on the floor thinking to myself, “is this what people actually do? When I’m in the car at 3am, this is really what I see outside of my window”. It was insanity. For the first time in my life, I had the chance to live a night experiencing what a homeless person goes through. Sleeping on the ground is so uncomfortable and I cannot even begin to understand what people without shelter do in the winter. I turned to my friend and told her that I would love to see someone like Kim Kardashian sleep outside for the night, just to understand the feeling of how it feels to be homeless. That would be interesting! After camping out for 11 hours, I went back home and slept the through the day until it was time to go to SNL (I got the tickets!).

Here is the crazy part about my whole SNL ticket experience—my friend and I were taking selfies in the studio and a random guy that worked for NBC came up to us asking if we wanted real tickets! We were in shock and yelled “Heck Yeah!” But then again, I thought... if we knew we would have seen this guy, there was no way that we would have slept outside! Lol!

To end this story. I will never in my life camp out for any type of ticket. It is just not worth the mental stress or time. At the end of the day, you do not get to meet or speak to the actual actors or guest host, so it SUCKS!