Sugar Factory

The Ambience

If you are looking for a fun and lively restaurant, well this is a place for you to visit. I would first recommend Sugar Factory to someone who has never been to New York City and would like to experience something cool and out of the ordinary. The restaurant is known for their famous signature goblets and also the fact that a lot of celebrities come to visit. The best part in my opinion, is when the waiters sing happy birthday to a celebrant, it is like a whole festivity. (lol) Though, the seats are a little bit close together so you might find it a little bit hard to maneuver. 

The Food

 I ordered the Pacific salmon and the vinaigrette was such a good touch to the meal. However, they could have added a little bit more flavor to give it a richer taste. Nonetheless, it was a great meal and I would recommend adding a side of mashed potatoes to fill you up.


Their staff is super friendly! My waiters name was Aaron and he was so kind. I am a difficult customer, because I never know what to order but he was patient and recommended the meal I had, and I ended up enjoying it. Everyone was very pleasant and they freququnetly came back to check on my guest and I.

Overall Experience