City of Havana

Tips, tricks, and tools to help guide your trip to Cuba

  • Traveling to Cuba is EASY!

  • Change your money to Euros in America, then change it to cuban money (CUC) at the airport in Havana

  • Take more money than needed! Don't worry you can always change it back when leaving Cuba. (Change it back to dollars in the airport)

  • Pack bottled water! (we only packed 4, and it wasn't enough) Pack 10 if you can

  • Don't get ice in your drink

  • Don't drink tap water

  • You can drink their bottled water

  • Before you buy your plane ticket, double check with the airline to check if you can purchase a visa at the airport.

  • Bring sunscreen, Advil, and Pepto Bismol just in case.

  • After you booked your ticket, book your Airbnb and contact the owner for any questions or concerns.

  • Our AirBnB is called "Havenera Vintage"

  • Pack plenty snacks! Food in Cuba isn't really good.

  • If you are in a group, do not pay anything more than 130CUC in total to go to Vinales round trip

  • Restaurant - Black Rose & La Cathedral were our favorites

  • People are very friendly but be careful, so you don't get ripped off

  • Download offline GPS, offline translator, and offline music

  • Don't bring heels. Theirs no reason to

  • For nightlife, visit La Fabrica

  • You do not need to pay to see the canon shoot, it's pointless. Just wait by the Malecon

  • Cubanos automatically know that you are an outsider, it's in our mannerisms, so there's no hiding it

  • Contact Ozzy if you need a driver, he is super cool -

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