Danish girl with a Nigerian Accent

When did you start making videos for Instagram, and when did you first realize that your videos were funny and grabbing people's attention?

I made my first video in January of 2015, for a competition for @falzthebadguy's instagram page. I ended up being one of the winners. I had made a second Instagram account to submit my video since I didn't want all of the Danish people on my original page to think I was going crazy, and when I saw that I got a good response from the video, I started making more. The page grew fast and I just continued. So I've been in this game for about a year now. 

 How did you get involved in African culture? Who introduced you to the accent, the food and the clothing?

My mother always traveled a lot and took us on plenty of trips. When I was little she would bring me things from her trips, and I remember falling in love with the things she brought from Burkina, Faso and Ghana. My family travels a lot and it has become natural for us to show interest in other people's culture. I have been to around 30 countries and while there is something unique and special about everywhere, I always had love for Africa. In 2010,  I went on my first work trip as a volunteer and I've been back many times since. I've been to Ghana, Benin, Togo, Gambia, Egypt and Morocco. I have not yet had the pleasure of going to Nigeria. Hopefully this year though. 

Who is your favorite African comedian? 

I still love watching Mr. Ibu act! I have always found him and his facial expressions really funny! As for instagram comedians, I have a lot! Among them are @nasty_king_smith, @therealfemi @jagonzytv, @spizysuyaboys, @ecovangel, 

Mreyekay and many more! So many people put so much work and time into entertaining others and I really respect that. 

What is your favorite African/Nigerian food and how would you explain the flavor?

It is 100% egusi soup with chicken and pounded yam. It shares the first place with groundnut soup. The love I have for food is real. I love jollof as well! All jollof! I don't discriminate haha! It's hard to explain the flavor, I always tell people to taste it. I don't recall anyone telling me that they didn't like it when they first tasted it, and I got my whole family hooked on egusi and groundnut soup now! 

What is one thing that people do not know about you?

This is a tough question. I guess there are a lot of things that people won't know, because I don't post my personal pictures and videos on this profile. I try to keep it focused on entertainment and quotes only. I study Christianity, culture and communication, and I work 2 jobs besides studying. My father owns a restaurant and a hotel, so I've always been working in that business. That is not where you will find me in the future though. My heart is in humanitarian work and it is my dream to work for the Red Cross or a similar organization when I finish school in a couple of years. 

What would you like to do with the platform that you have set on Instagram?

I would very much like to spread happy messages and contribute to a better day for whoever is going through my page. I have no ideas or intentions of using my platform professionally. You won't find any booking information, because that was never the goal. I simply want to make people laugh and smile. Whatever is meant to happen will happen. Instagram has lead to a lot of beautiful friendships, and that is extremely rewarding for me.