Instagram Dancer Vanilla Trill, Talks Dancing and Social Media

So for those who aren’t familiar with you, how would introduce yourself to the readers? 

My name is Chris. Known as Whiteboy Chris or Vanilla Trill.

How did the name Vanilla Trill come about?

Well honestly over time, but as I grew up it got weird being called Whiteboy so I took The concept from Vanilla Ice and added Trill instead because I'm from Houston.

What was your upbringing like? Did your parents put you in dance classes?

It was interesting. When I was born my family had nothing. My dad eventually got a job and from there he worked his way up. It really taught me a lot about work ethic and how to get things done. Also I had no dance classes, I just naturally danced, because my family and friends did it for fun.

Who influences your style of dance?

My friends hugely. We do a lot of sessions. I also look up to Patrick Garret of Ghost Crew and Les Twins approach on dance.

How many hours does it take you to choreograph a whole routine?

For a social media video usually about 20-30 min, but for a class, it takes usually an hour of actual practice because I do 90% of the choreography in my head then piece it all together.

How do people react when they see you dance for the first time without knowing you on social media?

It's definitely a surprise to some people because due to stereotyping people assume I won't understand or know how to hold a beat, but SURPRISE, I actually know what I'm doing and I am influential to the culture.

What would you say has been the most memorable experience you have ever had?

I think it was 2014 maybe 13, I performed at Phillips arena in front of 35,000 people live. It was the wildest feeling, and I even caught myself looking at the Jumbotron and watching myself. 

I noticed that you wear hats in a lot of your pictures, what is your favorite hat brand?

I don't have a favorite hat brand. Honestly, hats are cool! I have a lot of hair, but I keep the sides edged up, so I like to cover it with a hat, rather than do stuff to it. Plus many companies send me hats in the mail so I always have something new.

On a day off at home, what do you do?

Days off usually consist of editing videos and planning more days. I do everything myself, no management, no media team, no assistance. So I am always planning and preparing.

Wrap your style of dance up in one sentence.

All the latest dance trends mixed with personal expression and creativity

In your own words, complete the sentence

Dancing is a way of expression.