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Shudu: The Instagram Supermodel You’ll Never Meet

Now you might ask yourself, “wow this girl is so beautiful! How have I never seen her before? Well that’s it, no ones exactly seen her...see the thing is, she’s 100% computer generated.

Once Rihanna’s beauty line reposted the photograph of Shudu, people started speculating whether she was authentic or not. But was the creator hiding the true fact? Did he not want people to know she was fake? What was his thought process behind her? Read more to find out the real scoop on this beautiful model.


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Nicole Sadiee: The Girl Behind The Freckles

If beauty is in the eyes of its beholder, then Nicole Sadie is our proof. With 23,000 followers and an average of 2,000 likes per post, the 17-year-old Georgia native has recently taken Instagram by storm. Sadie’s strategically sprinkled specks; bright hazel eyes and plump lips are only a few characteristics of what adds to her captivating uniqueness.Nicole explains the power of beauty over social media, abusive parents, becoming independent at a young age, and growing up with freckles.

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