Pie Anyone?

Sometimes in life we get so caught up and fixated on trying to achieve the success we crave after, we lose sight of opportunities that aren’t as beneficial as others. In the quick strides for success taken, we often zip past the wooden open doors, for the glittery gold shut ones that appear more appealing. It’s important to remember not to get jaded by the fantasy.

There have been times where an opportunity had arisen, and I turned it down or overlooked it because I thought I was beyond it. As my friend’s mother would say, “A piece of humble pie is always good for the soul”. You can’t ask God for opportunities and once they’re presented to you, turn them down because you find they don’t match whatever level of success you think you’ve achieved. We are all still in the midst of our journey.

Learning to humble one’s self can be the difference between blessings and remaining stagnant in your craft. Don’t get ahead of yourself. In waiting for the right opportunity to come; don’t let your eagerness hinder you and be your downfall. The right opportunity won’t always look like the right opportunity. Sometimes taking a leap of faith could be the flight of your life. Be open minded, next time an opportunity or offer comes your way try not to be so quick to dismiss it, instead think about it and figure out if it is the best decision for you. 


Jordan Dawkins - @LauranceDawkins
Corey Higgins - @Coripher