Taking time out for self

I am learning to take time out for myself, to turn off all electronics and sleep, read a book or even go for a walk. I am learning that as the days go by, sometimes it's okay to say no. I am learning that when things get rough, it is okay to take time for self. It is even okay to cry, because I am human. I decided to start setting weekly reminders, alerting myself to set aside time to eat a good meal or nap for 3 hours. 

I have been extremely occupied with working two jobs this summer, and trying to figure out my school finances, all while trying to balance time for self. I am the type of person to get involved in everything, but never having my own time to relax or do what I really want to do. I love being super busy, but I passionately dislike being tired. I really don't like the feeling of being tired, because it leads me to become so exhausted that I have no room to do anything else. What makes me even more upset is that the thing that is taking most of my time has nothing to do with my passion. But that is all over now. I lost track of what GOD had planned for me for a cool second, but I am back. I am creating content and I will be doing more giveaways and future collaborations.

School also started a couple days ago, and I am pretty excited to see what all my classes have in store for me. I am taking classes that are going to challenge me and push me to become a better journalist and that is something I am willing to take on. Wish me luck in the new semester because I am aiming for a 4.0 ;)