Fenty x Puma

I don't even know how to share my experience with you about Rihanna's launch in New York City.

Once again, I had to stand in line for 4-5 hours just to go in and see her whole collection. I can say first hand that she did a good job with her line. You could tell that everything was hand picked and intricately designed and thought of well by Rihanna. She had pieces that embodied her style and clothing you would actually see her wearing. Unlike other celebrities who start their own clothing line, but have their whole collection with clothes that don't represent their style. You would never even catch that celebrity in the clothes they are trying to sell to their consumers. 

The best part about living in New York is that so many fun activities happen all around the city, and it's a great way for you to hang out and make new friends. But the most annoying part about that, is having to stand in line for up to 6 hours and not even see who you are trying to see, or get bum-rushed by a crowd who is desirous over the artist. So, at times you might feel like you have waisted your time.

Now that is exactly how I felt after standing in line for 4-5 hours, waiting an extra hour and 30mins inside the store just to see Rihanna, and when we did see her, she walked all around the room and stood for people to take pictures of her...then she left. 

She never said thank you to people who waited in line or stood for hours, or thank you to the people who spent a lot of money buying her collection.

But who cares right? She's an artist! She's going to make money off of us anyways right?

EntertainmentIsiuwa Igodan