Business Of Blogging

I created a vision board last year and listed a couple of things that I wanted to accomplish. Growing the Fluharty Book Scholarship and putting together an event called "Business Of Blogging" were apart of the board. I didn't get to accomplish them in 2017 because I was still trying to put the pieces together. I was figuring out the best ways to effectively grow my scholarship and host an event that will be able to enrich, uplift and educate people on how to truly turn their brand into a business and bridge the gap between their major and their creative passion. With much preparation and a solid team, on April 21st, 2018 I was able to host my very own event and raise $800 for the Fluharty Book Scholarship, which will be awarded to a Meade High School senior to help fund their college books and dorm supplies. It's been a goal of mine to increase the amount each year and with the success of the Business of Blogging event, I hope to put this event together annually.