Working Two Jobs - Quitting One


Leaving My Second Job

 This past summer was crazy. I was working two jobs: Monday - Friday at my internship and Saturday - Sunday at my retail job in SoHo. Everyone kept asking me why I was working two jobs and a lot of people just laughed at me, including my coworkers at my weekend job! 

But, I had my reasons on working two jobs. And it’s not like I wanted to have two jobs. I’d rather have one job that pays me double the rate. 

Why Two Jobs?

The main reason I got a second job was because I had to secure an apartment and I knew that my internship alone wasn’t going to cut it. Like most of you know, internships don’t pay enough. Locking in on my first apartment in New York City was my number one priority and I knew I had to make it work in some way, shape, or form to save up. 

Loss of Time

I lost a lot of time being intertwined with both jobs. I lost out on sleep, fun outings, time for myself, family time, quality time with special relationships, connecting, and networking. But, I feel like everyone has a duty and, before we get to where we need to be, we must pay our dues. 

So, even with everything I felt I was missing out on, I felt like I was paying my dues for the future life I want to live. I hate feeling stuck in a situation, though. 

The Pros and Cons

I started to weigh out the pros and cons of staying and leaving. I hated the fact that I was staying only to be financially stable. Basically, I would’ve thrown my happiness away to stay in a job I desperately wanted to leave because I needed a little bit more freedom in my life. 

Weekends Now

Now, the struggle was to make sure my weekends were filled with things to do. I realized I’d stopped living. I was planning out things to do every weekend so that I wouldn’t feel like leaving my job was a waste of time, instead of allowing life to flow in the direction it needs to take me. 

Now, I’m taking it one day at a time and I love the simple things like waking up in my home and cooking breakfast or even, sleeping in. Leaving my second job was the best decision I ever made!