Realizing my potential

I enjoy sharing my journey with you all, in hopes to give you the reality of success. Success is a process. I don’t know what the future holds but I do know that “I don’t only crave success for me. I crave success so that everyone around me can succeed.” (Rupi Kaur) .


I always associated talent with something physical, like singing, dancing or even painting. People would ask “what’s your talent?” And I would say I didn’t have one. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that I do have one. Talent is not only external but it’s internal. My talent is my creativity, my ability to bring words, thoughts, and actions into visual format.


The mind is so powerful. Everything you see in this world has first been thought of, created and brought into reality. Our mind develops wonders. Art comes in many forms and I strongly believe that what the mind thinks can be brought to life. This post is for anyone who believes that they don’t have talent. Your talent doesn’t have to be external, it can come from the heart and then developed. The power of our thoughts could help us create anything we want, so start cultivating your thoughts the same way you organize your outfits. You have talent ! We all do! You just need to discover it.

MotivationalIsiuwa Igodan