Solo Traveling | Costa Rica


Costa Rica

The most relaxing country I have ever been to. Relaxing and quiet, but still full of life all at the same time. I spent the first few days in Tamarindo, then took a 4 hour bus ride from Tamarindo to San Jose and spent the last days of my trip in a small town called Alajuela.




The view from my Airbnb


That’s what they call the people of Costa Rica - Extremely laid back with a strong determination to succeed or make things happen. I met so many people, people with different backgrounds and stories. I met a young girl who fled Nicaragua because the government was so bad. A young guy who made jewelry, but didn’t have a strong marketing strategy to get more customers but still very extremely passionate about his art. A traveling truck that travels around the city and sells fruits for a cheaper price than stores. An artist who sketches her trips instead of journaling. I found her way of storytelling very unique because each art work told a different story without words attached to it. And most importantly, I learned from a traveler that “second is always best”. He told me a few stories about how everything he did first always failed, and he learned to always try again and realized that the second time he did things was always the best outcome. These are the stories of the Ticos I came across. (Watch full Travel Diary on my Instagram Highlight )

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Tips for traveling alone

  • Be aware of your surroundings

  • Don’t go out late at night without someone or a large group

  • Don’t give out information to where you are staying to strangers/locals

  • Carry a pepper spray if you can (for emergency)

  • Do group activities (you will have fun and you will never feel alone)

  • Don’t stay in an AIRBNB! Do hostels, or hotels. Anything with tourists around

  • Meditate, pray, read a book, eat well, take walks, and most importantly HAVE FUN