Solo Traveling | London


On May 23, 2019 I graduated magna cum laude from Pace University with a bachelors in communication studies and a minor in journalism. Then 4 days later I took a trip to London as a graduation present to myself. Honestly, I just wanted to get a way for a little bit. I didn’t really want to feel the pressure of trying to dive into my career immediately. I wanted to allow the end of my college career to sink in. As I go through the emotions and journey of finding my path, I will keep you all updated on this blog. But for now, here is a recap of my trip.


  • The weather changes frequently so pack a jacket and an umbrella, because it rained 3/4 times a week while I was there.

  • Download city mappers. The tube (subway) is easy to navigate and it works offline. I recommend getting a weekly pass. I spent more money refilling my card everyday (big waste of money).

  • Don’t go shopping! TOO EXPENSIVE! but if you do shop, you get your tax refund back at the airport, so let them know you need the tax back.

  • Food portions are extremely little

  • Sightseeing is free. There is so many things to see in London

  • You can travel to multiple places while in Europe! Try backpacking ;)

  • Cafe’s are pretty good

  • Download VIAVAN to get you from point a to b. Its like Uber but cheaper

  • A friend of mine sent me things to do in London but didn’t get to do everything so check out the screenshots below.

Click and scroll through map to see all the places I visited